Sunday, June 9, 2013

TM Innatech Innacomm Modem Dafault Password

So you have got your TM Streamyx Installed, but they installer gave you a WIFI ID that you don't like.

You wanted to log in the modem and change they WiFi SSID or other settings.

Here's how to do it :-

Connect you PC or laptop to the Modem with WiFi or cable.

Type IP address in your Internet browser (eg. Firefox, Chrome)

Type the username : tmadmin and password Adm@XXXX . (XXXX is the last 4 digit word of your modem MAC address printed on the bottom of your modem (marked red in below picture).

- Choose -> Interface -> WLAN ->
- Change the SSID to the one you want.
- Apply changes.
- Wait for the modem to restart and then connect to the new SSID with the same password.
- You now should have the funky SSID you like.



  1. Need some suggesting, currently we are using TM provided router INNACOMM RGX4400 which can support 5 fixed IP setting ( Static PPPOE with fixed IP range start and end setting).

    And we are looking for replacement as the TM provided router will hang sometime. And have tried few routers but can’t find the fixed IP range setting, could you recommend some models that can support fixed IP range setting?? Thanks

    1. Hi, from me experience, you may want to checkout Mikrotic routers for SME company. It's effective, reliable and economical. It does need some training to learn the setup.

      Other then that, for TM modem, I used to add a little fan to blow the air out from the ventilation hole to keep it from overheating. It works.
      In my opinion, these are consumer modems and not designed for high traffic commercial use. (over 10 users).

      I recon all enterprise TM package, the modem is leased. Yo can get a replacement from TM. Just remember to backup the settings into you PC by logging into the modem and backup the conf file.

      Get a PC casing fan and connect to 12V 1MA power adapter and put near the modem to blow air our the ventilation. It works for me.

  2. Hello there, i can't access some website and apps using wifi,how to fix it,

  3. Hello there, i can't access some website and apps using wifi,how to fix it,

  4. Hi. Some internet service providers have implemented filters in their network, therefore blocking access to some website. For instance, China blocked google and facebook. You may want to check with you ISP on that. If it is not blocked, someone may added the same type of filters in you Modem Router. You may want to l;og into the router to check if the parental filter is active and content filter is added.
    It's under the firewall->filter section.

  5. Hi, I am trying to have my NAT open with this router(Rgx4400). I've read by port forwarding usually solves the problem but in my case, or maybe in this routers case, it does not show any effect. I've tried forwarding ports like i mention earlier, enabling Upnp, Disabling firewall. But none seem to work. Maybe you might know a way around it, just to have the NAT open. By the way, i am not on a wired connection. I'm using wifi.

    And, before i forget, does IGMP proxy or MLD proxy, and Vlans have anything to do with this. Because, again, I've read that it could work. But i'm just to safe conscious to actually implement it myself just yet. I need to be assured and maybe given a way to do it, will really, help me a lot. Thanks for your time, Appreciate any help I can get. if you need any info on what I am on, let me know. I will come back here, from time to time to check updates from you, or you can also email me at

    Thanks again


  6. my TM router connection very bad.. if i buy new modem that support stremxy, its that plug and play only? or need config?