Sunday, June 9, 2013

TM Innatech Innacomm Modem Dafault Password

So you have got your TM Streamyx Installed, but they installer gave you a WIFI ID that you don't like.

You wanted to log in the modem and change they WiFi SSID or other settings.

Here's how to do it :-

Connect you PC or laptop to the Modem with WiFi or cable.

Type IP address in your Internet browser (eg. Firefox, Chrome)

Type the username : tmadmin and password Adm@XXXX . (XXXX is the last 4 digit word of your modem MAC address printed on the bottom of your modem (marked red in below picture).

- Choose -> Interface -> WLAN ->
- Change the SSID to the one you want.
- Apply changes.
- Wait for the modem to restart and then connect to the new SSID with the same password.
- You now should have the funky SSID you like.


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